Signal International believes that all accidents are preventable and strives to maintain an accident-free workplace for everyone involved in Signal International operations.

Safety achievement begins with a comprehensive health and safety management system, which is an integral part of all Signal International sites. The system includes a combination of individual accountability, performance recognition, system enhancements and contractor safety measures.

Safety guiding principles

  • Employee support in the development of safety initiatives is essential to the establishment of a safety culture.
  • Laws and regulations applicable to operations are known and followed.
  • Health and safety systems start from a foundation of compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Health and safety considerations are a core element of business planning.
  • Internal self audits build and maintain a heightened awareness of safety initiatives.

Daily/weekly activities

  • A Job Risk Analysis/Permit to Work System is used. Employees are briefed on their job tasks, hazards are identified, and procedures are developed to mitigate hazards. Employees are involved in the process to ensure that they understand the hazards and are given the opportunity to participate in the process. Safety meetings are held twice daily to ensure that the current JRA/PTW is effective, and changes are made as necessary.
  • Yardwide safety meetings are held each Monday morning. All employees are made aware of current conditions in the yard, changes to safety procedures or PPE and general safety issues are discussed.
  • Daily "Gangbox Safety Meetings" conducted by supervisors cover OSHA and other regulatory rules and company procedures to ensure that employees have the most up-to-date information for maintaining safe work practices.