Transocean Drillship                                                                                                                      

Transocean Offshore Drilling
Refurbish and upgrade drillship
Perform an extensive list of repairs and upgrades between the Mississippi and the Mobile yards. Major items include living quarters enhancements and refurbishment; the fabrication and installation of a new helicopter deck; high and low pressure pipe system replacement; major equipment removals and repair, ventilation system enhancements and the upgrade of electrical power, communication and contrl systems.
160 days
Signal Ship Repair in Mobile and Pascagoula, Mississippi
Signal recently combined the resources of its Signal Ship Repair (SSR) Operation in Mobile with its Offshore Rig Operation in Pascagoula to perform extensive refurbishment of the Transocean Navigator drillship. Highlights of the job: At SSR the Navigator was dry docked and hydro blasted using 70,000 psi water to remove old paint. A new paint system was applied while nine drop down thrusters were removed and overhauled in the SSR machine shop. SSR also removed, refurbished and reinstalled both propellers and tail shafts, machined new bushings, made steel repairs in the shell plate, overhauled sea valves and aligned both reduction gears. The Mississippi yard undertook a total refurbishment of the Navigator living quarters and added two additional decks. Other work accomplished was a major pipe change out that included the saltwater ballast system. High pressure mud equipment was also removed and refurbished. Work was performed on 37 DC motors, rotary table, drawworks and tensioners. Final painting of the vessel included exterior hull touch-up and interior machinery spaces.

         Navigator on dry dock