Atlantia BHP SeaStar

(SBM) Atlantia Offshore Limited
SeaStar Tension-Leg Platform Hull. Fabricated the hull and pontoons, and installed hull jacket. Outfitted external top connector buckets for the tendons and installed supply boat bumper guards and porches for supporting the export and flowline risers. The hull at launch weighed approximately 6,500 short tons.
Very tight (3-6mm) tolerance for fabricated pieces and finished project. 360-ton jacket lift to 130' above the baseline. Welding of each leg in controlled sequence to maintain the correct location and height. A wide range of plate thickness presented a constant challenge to maintain dimensional tolerances throughout the entire project.
20 months
Orange Yard (Texas)
Dimensional tolerances required peak performance for the duration of the construction period. Dedicated teams communicated and worked seamlessly to provide a high-quality product on-time and within budget. A letter of recognition provided by the client acknowledged Signal's efforts in supplying superior services.