Recruitment Fraud Alert

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Signal International, LLC (ďSignalĒ) has recently received information of fraudulent recruitment activity abroad in Signalís name in the recruitment of foreign nationals.

This fraudulent recruitment activity takes place with respect to the recruitment abroad of foreign nationals for H-2B visas. Signal has recently become aware that certain labor companies have petitioned for H-2B visas using Signalís addresses as the work site and/or indicating to the foreign nationals that they will work at Signal facilities in the United States.

Signal is taking all measures possible to end this fraudulent activity including working with law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

Please be advised that Signal is not currently recruiting abroad for foreign workers for any of its facilities. If you are a foreign national residing outside of the United States and you receive an offer to work at any Signal facility you are hereby advised that this offer is fraudulent. Please report it immediately to the local authorities, the United States Consulate in your area and to our offices at

Recruitment abroad in Signalís name may not be limited to situations involving H-2B visas. If you are a foreign national living abroad and you receive any offer to work at a Signal facility, please contact our offices at